Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Killed in the Line Of Duty

Let me tell you a story about a tragic loss of life right here in my service area...

Three professional firefighters killed fighting a house fire when they were unable to find their way back out.
What happened and how does that affect us?
  • They went inside without a hose line
  • There was no safety line
  • None of them had a radio
  • They stayed in the house so long their air bottles were depleted before they could escape
  • Poor or no accountability- nobody knew they were in trouble till they were dead
So you say- I'm a paramedic there Pedro, how does this impact my job?

When you take things for granted, when your training fails you, when your operating procedures break down in the field, people are put in danger. Medical call, car crash, train wreck, mass incident, even just driving to or from a call- push your luck often enough and eventually somebody will get hurt- or killed.
Don't take the little things for granted. They only get taken care of when you take care of them. Open your eyes, clear your head. Stay safe.

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Paramedic Training said...

Safety is a major factor, if you are in good condition then you will serve better.