Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome to the Real World

... hello, I would like to introduce myself as quietly and as discreetly as possible. I am Pedro- Pedro the Paramedic. I will tell you ALL the TRUTH about the secret world of emergency medicine and public safety- it will not always be easy, it will not always be what you want- but it will be the truth and nothing other than the truth- as I, Pedro the Paramedic see it. Ouch!
And, so you may ask- why Pedro? Well, I carry a great burden you see- in the field of medicine I am a wet-back, though I work hard and do so much good. For I am a lowly Paramedic- a bus driver, a punching bag, and sometimes my dear friends- a life saver. What? Oh yeah, read it again- a LIFE SAVIOR. The only heath care for some, the only ride for some, the only hope for many. Pedro, Pedro the Paramedic.
Do not hate me for the things I am about to share- I am Pedro the Paramedic and what I say is nothing more than than truth, the truth as I see it and, if you choose to participate- the truth as YOU see it.
Please, please, please- our beloved EMS is in so much pain- share your comments here, your hopes and dreams, your thoughts- how can we do better? This is yours, as well as Pedro's- I look forward to hearing from you- I will not under any circumstance edit any LEGITIMATE comment. No matter if you are for or against Pedro.
Now, in the next few days, we will begin. The real truth about EMS, about EMT's, about Paramedics, emergency rooms, doctors, nurses, ambulances- hey- YOU tell Pedro.
I will be here, I will relate what I see, and how I see it- the rest, as always is up to you.
Do not let us down.
I love what I do- but I am afraid of where we are going. Please, please hold my hand. The hand I humbly offer you- the hand of Pedro the Paramedic.
Pedro the Paramedic- the very last beacon of truth, justice and the American Way in EMS today.


Anonymous said...

Pedro- thanks for providing this spot and this opportunity for us in the field of EMS to share our thoughts. I have been in the life a long time and I am just appalled at what is going on. The time has come- we thank you Brother Pedro.
Tell it all!

Joe Pittsburgh said...
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