Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why I So Rarely Use The Lights and Siren

Walked in the station this morning right at my 0730 start time- I hate sticking the outgoing crew with a late call but I just could not get moving. Poured my coffee and immediately got dispatched for a middle- aged female having chest pain. I'll spare you the war story- mum was having a rather significant inferior wall MI, with really, really big elevations in II,III and aVF. Did I mention the no blood pressure thing? So, off we go, lights and sirens to the ER. Thirty minutes door to door- not bad. Did all the required interventions. Great.
So what could be the problem? Well, found out towards the end of my shift that the patient had laid around down in the emergency room for close to two hours- and then arrested in the cath lab.
Win some, lose some, makes you wonder though.

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