Thursday, April 10, 2008

Women in EMS

... I thought we could perhaps dive right into a controversy. If you have thoughts, please feel free to leave your comments.
... Pedro is associated with a rather large governmental Emergency Agency. As such we are very concerned with and aware of our treatment of "protected groups"- minorities, seniors, and of course women. Now don't think Pedro is intolerant- far from it. I am merely playing the devils advocate here. Based on my observations and from conversations overheard from afar let me make this general statement:
The women who gravitate towards EMS tend to have the most complicated, out-of-control home lives, the least skills, are emotionally unstable and unable to manifest a clinical detachment or an operational mindset, and are just flat out the most disruptive group in the station house day to day.

There, I said it...

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Paramedic Training said...

Women in EMS is like men in Nursing field, they can do best of their ability.