Saturday, May 3, 2008

America's Sootiest City

Yea, you're number one! Pittsburgh, the legendary "Smokey City" is back on top of the heap as it were. It has regained its rightful place as America's Sootiest City. As a former visitor to the Pittsburgh area I can attest that the air is indeed sooty, gritty and well-I guess you'd have to call it particulate.
The natives aren't too worried though- or so I gather from some of the news reports- they have the head in the sand syndrome mastered- hey, sand, more particulates- no wonder...

Air quality aside, I would have to put Pittsburgh in the mix with St Louie/ Kansas City, Atlanta and Bakersfield as among the most inhospitable, corrupt and blighted urban area's in the nation.

My memory of Pittsburgh is of a town full of lard seekers, butter-rollers and glum dinosaurs. The backward, sullen and swollen sons and daughters of the Linkhorns...

But don't just take my word for it...

"Hunched in its ravine, it is a hard-bitten, proletarian town, populated by immigrants ... from beyond the Carpathian mountains. Bingo parlors abound, as do establishments dealing in prosthetics."
Peter Conrad writing for the March 13, 1994 edition of The Observer Review of London

... The American Lung Association... They started this whole mess didn't they?

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