Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On The QRS Truck Yesterday...

... I spent 12 hours on the QRS Truck yesterday. Basically, the detail involves responding to help out a BLS unit in the middle of an ALS call, back- up a Paramedic, or respond out of the area to some of the mostly fire-based BLS services.
The call itself was minor- seven year old with a dog bite to the hand. I was enroute to obtain a refusal- the First Responders on scene weren't familiar or comfortable with the procedure- no problem.
The problem came along when, after consulting the map I found myself more confused than before.
Maybe this has happened to you- sometimes you just can not visualize the route to the call.
So, I radioed ahead for directions:

... ShakyTown VFD from QRS 1, directions to Elm, I'm inbound on South Main... uh, uh, uh, uh, standby, (pause------------) Go on down South Main till the, the thing, right you know in there uh, before uh you know,uh, uh, uh there's an intersection and then uh, uh, uh turn and go down the one and you'll come right up on Elm, uh, uh, uh copy?
Dispatch from QRS 1, directions to Elm...

... 'til next time,
Pedro the Paramedic

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Paramedic Program said...

Sometime this type of situation occur. Take it easy, enjoy journey !