Monday, May 19, 2008

The System Abuser Chronicles- Part Two

The American College of Emergency Physicians have done some research, circa 2006, into the whole "frequent flyer" phenomenon.

Here's the link

Apparently the good doctors aren't seeing the same patients as EMS providers or even their own ER nursing staffs.

This morning Pedro the Paramedic took the area's last ALS ambulance out of service to transport a fully ambulatory 40- something male to the ER after his persistently errant golf swing caused him to develop a bad case of right-nut-pain.

Interestingly this gentleman and his family are some of our best customers- having required ambulance transport for such debilitating afflictions as- a sore thumb secondary to a hammer strike, loose stool, a stuffy nose- dispatched Priority One as a person in respiratory distress, tooth aches (yes more than once)- well, you get the idea...

And one of lifes little ironies that even the good folks at the American College of Emergency Physicians would appreciate- the hospital we took this patient to was famous (or infamous) in the not so old days for having the uninsured forcibly removed from the Emergency Room, beaten and prosecuted- oh yeah- you know who you are.

Heath care in the USA- can't live with it, can't live... uh, with it...

Peace, love and all that,
Pedro the Paramedic

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