Friday, June 27, 2008

EMS Scheduling...

... to continue with the fatigue factor in EMS, let us examine the EMS schedule as a contributing factor- a factor that leads to dangerous performance levels and a loss of quality of life. Below I've typed out my actual schedule for the upcoming two weeks - I'm sure that EMS personnel will see nothing unique about it- that is just the way it is- schedules made with no rhyme, reason or consideration for the health and welfare of the Paramedic (or EMT)...

M-1100-2300 T-1100-2300 W-1500-2300 TH-0700-1500 F-off Sat-2300-0700 Su-off

M-0700-1500 T-off W-1100-2300 TH-1100-2300 F-off Sat-0700-1500 Su-off

* Note week one- evening, daytime, overnight and back bright and early the next Monday!
* But at least we're off the 12 on, 12 off schedule!

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