Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Observations On American Culture

... I'm still on the Response Truck, the QRS... can't say I'm unhappy about the assignment- it's a pretty good detail.
Today I was sent into a lower middle class, urban area for a call at a doctors office- called off enroute so I pulled to the curb about 100 feet from a bus stop to catch up my call log before heading back.
What caught my eye was the group waiting for the bus- two dudes about 25 to 30 years old, a Mom with a 3 year old and an old guy, 75, maybe 80- still in good shape, kind of reminded me of Popeye.
Now what made this a micro-cosmic bit of Americana? Well, the bus pulled up- the two young guys pushed past Popeye and the young Mommie and her child- but Popeye, he quietly, with a gracefulness practiced over a lifetime, stood aside to let moms and child get on the bus first. His generation would never have shoved aside a woman, child or anyone else to get through a doorway, off an elevator- or onto a bus. Popeye grew up holding doors open- it was considered rude and disgraceful to push past. Now, the ignorant go first, texting and cell phoning. ( "yeah, I'm getting on the bus, where are you... uh huh, yeah, I know... right, I'm on the bus, you know...uh huh")
And, that is what's wrong with you people- you have lost your grace, your civility. Surrendered it to lard rage and ignorance ( wha? She wha? Huh? Wha?)
Mmmm, lard- now that's good eatin'...

Sleep well America... Pedro the Paramedic loves you.

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