Sunday, June 15, 2008

Self Defense...

... self defense and EMS- almost always focuses on avoidance... and it should. Learning to avoid trouble or run from it intelligently, well that's just good common sense. Stuff that could save your life.
What if you can't run- you're trapped, caught, cornered and fighting for your life... take the following with a grain of salt- it's from a man who grew up in a tough part of town and makes his living on the streets...

  • No matter what-always look for a way out
  • keep cool- call for help
  • Facing a gun? Take cover- even a couch or other barrier sets up a psychological barrier to a shooter... call for help, get out!
  • A knife? Run man... can't run? You need a weapon- O2 bottle, House bag, kitchen chair... rule of thumb- fight a blade and you will get cut... and you will bleed. Don't stop trying to get away and don't stop fighting
  • Hand to hand? Number One- do not go to the ground with your assailant- never, don't go in low and get trapped. Remember- eyes, nose, throat and testicles. Multiple strikes at a sensitive area are better than a wheel house swing and a miss. If your finger ends up in an eye- push it in, all the way- and then run like hell.
  • In the wrong hands anything becomes a weapon- do not forget that.
  • You are important- your family needs you- do not go soft in the face of a struggle you are not allowed to escape.
I'm just a working guy like you- seek qualified professional help in this- might save your life...
... or mine...

Pedro loves ya'

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