Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Way of the Dinosaur

I am pretty sure that most of the people in EMS who know what they're doing are already gone- feel free to correct tense and grammar if you must but- you know it's true.
Let's get rid of the Star of Life and make the new National EMS symbol a Dinosaur eating an ice cream cone... sound right? Sure it does... it's not that the old folks are taking over EMS, it's that the old thinkers are staying in- and pushing every one else out or away- everyone except a future generation of slow moving, slow witted Dinosaurs.
So, you tell your good friend Pedro what is your service doing about retention in this time of Paramedic and EMT shortage... probably like mine, nothing other than- treating staff like crap, putting out schedules that don't support a healthy lifestyle and then, crying when only seven people in a major metropolitan area answer the call and test for (in the case of my service) 32 open positions. Oh, no no no- Pedro did not make a typo- that is 32 open positions- and seven applicants- just think what the smaller services are going through. Some of the EMS managers may have to curtail whining, stealing, embezzling and call dodging long enough to confront the issue. Nope- let the plunder continue, the EMS provider shortage get ... shorter, and when there is no one else left in EMS but the Dinosaurs they can all sit around in a meeting somewhere and lament the fact that "they were all assholes- the hell with them- it's just a cycle- they'll all come crawling back."
Yup, it is a cycle all right- every one is leaving EMS- everyone except the Dinosaurs...

Things we've overheard...
"ahh, umm, well, I just drive..."

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