Wednesday, July 30, 2008

See You In Prison...

... we have covered this before but- it bares repeating- your government (you know, right here in the USA) has every intention of putting every single American in prison at least once in their lives... Now, back in the old days- and we're talking B.C., governments controlled the populace by inventing an all powerful God- religion, Jesus, Holy Spirits, the whole "I see you when you are sleeping". The old time rulers (Google Constantine) they even came up with the idea of heaven and hell- if I don't gitcha' now, well, I'll gitcha' when yer dead. No escape for evil doers.
And us? Well, the religion thing has been done- so the answer? Easy, destroy the working class. Ruin their end of the economy, deny them health care, put their kids in state run schools ( just like in Romania or Bulgaria or Communist China or the good old USSR) and when all else fails, as the final demonstration of total control- of course, lock 'em up, all of them...
No country on earth keeps more prisoners than the United States of America- no other country.

There is a series of articles about this Freedom crisis on the Mother Jones News web site...
... if you're interested... and you all have pretty much indicated your only interest is Lard, Sweet, Sweet Lard...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Guns N' Ammo

Guns and Ammo- as a Paramedic, a full time professional emergency medicine care giver- I have seen the damage caused by Guns and Ammo of all kinds. Over the years I have gone from being a firm believer in the Second Amendment to having real reservations about people like you walking around with firearms.
That's right- I do not believe you should have the right to own or even have access to a firearm of any type at any time.
With that said- I rarely go anywhere without my little Kel-Tec 380, just because of the way things are... yup, the way things are...

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... licensing info can be found here

Here's just a peep through the key-hole...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Can Only Eat So Much Spaghetti...

... No time to write- my partner and I are off to another VFD to buy yet another spaghetti dinner for yet another working American who is financing their health care by the plate- hey, you folks have really got this thing all messed up...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Health And Welfare Of Our Olympians...

... I participate in endurance events- not at the Olympic level certainly- but at a level where I can relate. So- why would any, ANY responsible sports organization, any group that professes to promote healthy athletic competition allow an event of the magnitude of the Olympic Games to be held in a filthy, smoky, smoggy, despotic hell hole like communist China?
... and why would you choose to participate? Given the potential risk to health- not to mention the political climate.
See for your self... right here... und then here...

Monday, July 21, 2008

On Dealing With Nurses...

I know that the Emergency Room nurses work really hard and I am sure they put up with their share of know-it-all jerks like me. I appreciate their hard work- they keep America's ERs running. Their job is sometimes over whelming- charting all the medical interventions performed by the ER medics, phlebotomists, cardiac and respiratory techs.

But after all that, any Paramedic will tell you- Emergency Room nurses say the dumbest things-

... after being handed a 1000cc bag of NSS, that was attached to a macro drip set, attached in turn to a 16 gauge firmly stuck our unresponsive patients left arm "There's no IV, there's no IV, I can't believe you brought this in here without an IV..."
Pedro the Paramedics reply: "Are you okay? You're not serious right?"

... after being handed, per our protocol, a print out of our respiratory distress patients capnography waveform... "Oh my God!!! She's in V-tach!!!"
Pedro the Paramedics reply: "Are you okay? You're not serious right?"

... after being handed, again per our protocol, a copy of our chest pain patients 12 lead EKG: " What's this? Did you, I mean umm, uhh, You mean you brought in a chest pain and didn't monitor them?"
Pedro the Paramedics reply: "Are you okay? You're not serious right? You know we do those things right in the back of the ambulance, with the cardiac monitor. We don't have to call up to the fifth floor to get a 12 lead done"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Drive Real Fast And Then...

... Right, and then what?
My partner today believes, firmly, that lives cannot be saved at the speed limit. Every dispatch leaves him with nervous heavy breathing and a totally panicked mental state.

Here are some excerpts from some of our conversations en route to calls today-

1301- Dispatched for a female with leg pain...

Marvin: "I' m going to use the lights."
Pedro the Paramedic: "Why?"
Marvin: "I hate sitting in traffic man"
Pedro the Paramedic: " Won't we have to sit in traffic on the way to the hospital?... and on the way back"
Marvin: "Well, but, but, but, buuuuu"

1644- Dispatched to back up one of our crews extricating the driver of a vehicle that hit a building

Marvin: "I' m going to use the lights."
Pedro the Paramedic: "Why?"
Marvin: " This could be bad man"
Pedro the Paramedic: " We're two block away and there is another crew already there- no lights, no siren, no speeding"

... When we arrived one minute and maybe 30 seconds later Marvin baled out of the ambulance- like it was on fire- and ran down to the scene- carrying... NOTHING!

So later I asked Marvin if perhaps we could arrive on scene safely and then, instead of standing around with our thumbs up the arse, we could work quickly, safely and efficiently- maybe we could make up that 60 seconds we lost en route on scene...

I always get a kick out of these idiots who are in a big freakin' hurry to get to the call and then they stand around doing- Nuttin' Honey... well, nothing except hyperventilating, yelling and running aimlessly back and forth, back and forth...

Hey Marvin- time to check the Help Wanted adverts...

I know there are many of you just like Marvin out there- please- for the sake of the few EMS pros still out there, and for the sake of our patients - get out, get out now- maybe one of the volunteer fire departments will take you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This 9-1-1 Thing Will Never Catch On...

... Our service area is a politically diverse place- and that extends right down to the 9-1-1 system. Because of the numerous little political kingdoms, fiefdoms and whateverdoms that excist, 9-1-1 has only been fully implemented in half the service area, another 25% is being painfully phased in now and the remainder may never have it.

... So, last night I was working a PR detail at a local fair when a gentleman walked up to me and asked, in all seriousness- "Hey buddy, what's that number you call for the 9-1-1?"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Tale Of Two Shifts...

... Yesterday, oh yesterday- I once again had to work with the evil Melanoma- Oh god, she is so hard to work with- as an aside, and it's mean I know but it made me laugh- two of our patients today called her "Sir". Ok, so there is some kind of perverse justice in there... but tonight, well it was way different. My partner (not Melanoma) and I talked and talked and talked- hell, we solved all the worlds problems tonight. Every single one. We ran some EMS calls and just handled everything so easily, everything... There was a moment, we were returning from the ER, the windows were down, the breeze blowing in just perfect, good tunes on the radio, lovely people on the street- I looked at you and then down the road and thought "This is the best damn job in the World!"
Thanks for a beautiful shift- I'll see you in my dreams... sorry, private joke...

I hope your shift was beautiful. If not, well, why the hell not? What, what happened?

Be safe- I love you and I need you-
Pedro the Paramedic

Monday, July 7, 2008

EMS Explained...

... by no less an authority than Einstein hisself-

"The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing, but expecting different outcomes"

... go forth and change...

Peace, Love and Everything,
Pedro the Paramedic

Friday, July 4, 2008

Indepenence Day

July Fourth, Independence Day, is the anniversery of the first time the American Upper-Class scammed the American Lower Class into fighting a war for them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gang Violence

2322- Dispatched for a "man down, not moving, on the basketball court behind F******* High School. Possible gunshot victim".

Found a young male, down for good, in "the lane". Shot multiple times- there were shell casings all over the court. Nothing more we could do- we cleared and got out of the crime scene.

This isn't really that uncommon an event around here...

Gang violence- some folks call the gangs "youth gangs" and refer to a "youth problem"- that kind of thinking is not going to make this problem go away.

That gang activity plaguing your town is not a youth problem- it is an organized crime problem- an organized crime problem that has its roots deep in the corruption of government at every level. Period.