Saturday, July 19, 2008

Drive Real Fast And Then...

... Right, and then what?
My partner today believes, firmly, that lives cannot be saved at the speed limit. Every dispatch leaves him with nervous heavy breathing and a totally panicked mental state.

Here are some excerpts from some of our conversations en route to calls today-

1301- Dispatched for a female with leg pain...

Marvin: "I' m going to use the lights."
Pedro the Paramedic: "Why?"
Marvin: "I hate sitting in traffic man"
Pedro the Paramedic: " Won't we have to sit in traffic on the way to the hospital?... and on the way back"
Marvin: "Well, but, but, but, buuuuu"

1644- Dispatched to back up one of our crews extricating the driver of a vehicle that hit a building

Marvin: "I' m going to use the lights."
Pedro the Paramedic: "Why?"
Marvin: " This could be bad man"
Pedro the Paramedic: " We're two block away and there is another crew already there- no lights, no siren, no speeding"

... When we arrived one minute and maybe 30 seconds later Marvin baled out of the ambulance- like it was on fire- and ran down to the scene- carrying... NOTHING!

So later I asked Marvin if perhaps we could arrive on scene safely and then, instead of standing around with our thumbs up the arse, we could work quickly, safely and efficiently- maybe we could make up that 60 seconds we lost en route on scene...

I always get a kick out of these idiots who are in a big freakin' hurry to get to the call and then they stand around doing- Nuttin' Honey... well, nothing except hyperventilating, yelling and running aimlessly back and forth, back and forth...

Hey Marvin- time to check the Help Wanted adverts...

I know there are many of you just like Marvin out there- please- for the sake of the few EMS pros still out there, and for the sake of our patients - get out, get out now- maybe one of the volunteer fire departments will take you.

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