Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Tale Of Two Shifts...

... Yesterday, oh yesterday- I once again had to work with the evil Melanoma- Oh god, she is so hard to work with- as an aside, and it's mean I know but it made me laugh- two of our patients today called her "Sir". Ok, so there is some kind of perverse justice in there... but tonight, well it was way different. My partner (not Melanoma) and I talked and talked and talked- hell, we solved all the worlds problems tonight. Every single one. We ran some EMS calls and just handled everything so easily, everything... There was a moment, we were returning from the ER, the windows were down, the breeze blowing in just perfect, good tunes on the radio, lovely people on the street- I looked at you and then down the road and thought "This is the best damn job in the World!"
Thanks for a beautiful shift- I'll see you in my dreams... sorry, private joke...

I hope your shift was beautiful. If not, well, why the hell not? What, what happened?

Be safe- I love you and I need you-
Pedro the Paramedic

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