Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Pleasure Dome

... I've been assigned to a new station- forced overtime, just for today... I know all of my temporary crew-mates of course, but I've never spent this much time with any of them.

These Medics do not speak to one another- except on an EMS call- no Hellos, Goodbyes. Sure as hell no "Hows the kids", "Whats for lunch","So, where did you go on vacation?"

They have been together here for a couple of years- I think they all stay because it's a pretty low volume station- easy work I suppose except for the tension in the station. I was afraid to ask what started the whole mess- I suppose I should get to the bottom of things in case I have to come back.

It's kind of liberating- no long goodbyes- just grab your stuff and go... Cool, See Ya'

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