Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Straight From The Mind Of An EMS Manager...

Straight From The Mind Of An EMS Manager... directly to a community near you...

#1- New and thoroughly obnoxious Paramedic explaining why she refused to give her 52 year old chest pain patient NTG and baby aspirin- "I thought she was a drug seeker"
EMS Manager-"Well, sure, yeah- you gotta follow your instincts in this business"

#2- EMT, reports for his shift late, slurring his speech, walking kinda funny and smelling like he maybe had more than a few is ordered to the EMS managers office. The plan is to have the local police administer a Breathalyzer- the police however are tied up on yet another shooting so it is decided to have blood drawn at our Command Hospital. Oh man- talk about bad timing- the EMS manager has a luncheon meeting. Ever know one of those guys to pass up free food? Of course not!
New plan is put into action- the possibly intox EMT is ordered to drive himself to the hospital in our Response Vehicle.
... and don't be late...

Welcome to our glowing Metropolis.

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