Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wires Down

1317- one of our ALS ambulances was dispatched for a vehicle crash with wires down...

1321- my partner and I were dispatched, with the Fire Department to assist an ambulance that "came in contact with a live wire and is now stuck"

Seems my old nemesis, the evil Melanoma had proceeded to the scene at jet speed, to the exact co ordinates- without checking for the wires that were most definitely down- down on the ground directly beneath her ambulance. This fact was discovered only after her partner, when attempting to exit was greeted by the tell- tale Snap, Crackle, Pop below his feet, of that modern marvel- high tension electricity.

No one was hurt, the cops and the firefighters all had a good laugh and the driver of the car watched the whole thing from the Arbys across the street...

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