Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bad Bosses = Bad Health

...or so I have heard.
One of our Medics just had a heart cath done. Why? Well, he went to his PCP complaining of shortness of breath and tightness across the chest, which only occurred ironically enough, at work... still, around here that's enough to get you set to the cath lab.
Turns out "Tony" is fine, his heart is fine- it's his career that sucks. His doctors recommendation? That is correct- get a new job, out of EMS. 'Bye Tony...

Here are a couple of links with some more info...

Hey, last one out of EMS, turn off the lights and sirens...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Accident... Not...

Priority dispatch with the police at 0851 for "an accident, unknown injuries but multiple occupants..." in the parking lot of a large grocery store- believe or not we have actually had several righteous crashes in this lot, including one fatality.
But not today, today we responded and found a crowd gathered at the scene of a car vs shopping cart collision.
EMS was requested by a concerned citizen who was afraid "things were getting out of hand".
This of course was not relayed by Dispatch... so, from one idiot with a cell phone to another with a headset and here we are...
Your 911 system at work.
Interestingly, per our new departmental policy- we were required to obtain signed refusals- well, that ain't happening...

Photo from Wiedmaier via Flickr
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Post Election Blues

1655- dispatched for a male "going crazy"- arrived with the police and found a very, very distraught man in his thirties, resplendent in green flannel and droopy denim, crying about the fate of the nation.
I am precepting a new medic so I had the luxury of standing back and letting the good times just roll on over me...

"Whats goin' on dude?"
"Oh man, oh man, oh man- this is so messed up my man. That Obama's gonna take my guns away from me, oh man"
"He said he wouldn't didn't he?"
"Ahh shit man, he's gonna take my guns!!!!!" (tears now and crying type noises)
"You called for this? Come on, this? Are you serious? Look you idiot, I'd not only take your goddamn guns, I'd have you sterilized. What hospital would you like to go to this evening sir?"

Needless to say my paramedic preceptee received exceptionally high marks today...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

ACLS Renewal Funnies

... Wednesday I did my ACLS renewal- now, usually I take the class with my fellow paramedics, but the past two times, due to my putting it off- well, I've done it at the local hospital with the nurses and other staff.
Ok, this is what I find amusing as hell- paramedics do ACLS every day- we just go out there and do it when needed. That's what we are trained for. Nurses chart and do nothing else unless specifically ordered by a physician. Nothing. They sure as hell aren't doing ACLS without a direct order- we all know that. So...
Take your ACLS in a class aimed at paramedics- you know those folks who actually do the stuff- you're in and out in two hours. Take the class with the nurses- six hours easy- the only,ONLY reason it ends before the full eight- the ladies have to get home and get the kids off the bus- otherwise, between the mindless prattle, the peepee breaks, the Avon CandleParty PTA MarketDay, well fellow EMSer- you, yes you would be there all day. All day.
... and did I mention that these folks aren't allowed to do ALS interventions? That's right, nurses can not and will never do any of the stuff they "learned" in ACLS- now did I mention that? Yes, yes I think I did...

Photo by: feastoffool
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