Thursday, November 13, 2008

ACLS Renewal Funnies

... Wednesday I did my ACLS renewal- now, usually I take the class with my fellow paramedics, but the past two times, due to my putting it off- well, I've done it at the local hospital with the nurses and other staff.
Ok, this is what I find amusing as hell- paramedics do ACLS every day- we just go out there and do it when needed. That's what we are trained for. Nurses chart and do nothing else unless specifically ordered by a physician. Nothing. They sure as hell aren't doing ACLS without a direct order- we all know that. So...
Take your ACLS in a class aimed at paramedics- you know those folks who actually do the stuff- you're in and out in two hours. Take the class with the nurses- six hours easy- the only,ONLY reason it ends before the full eight- the ladies have to get home and get the kids off the bus- otherwise, between the mindless prattle, the peepee breaks, the Avon CandleParty PTA MarketDay, well fellow EMSer- you, yes you would be there all day. All day.
... and did I mention that these folks aren't allowed to do ALS interventions? That's right, nurses can not and will never do any of the stuff they "learned" in ACLS- now did I mention that? Yes, yes I think I did...

Photo by: feastoffool
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