Friday, November 14, 2008

Post Election Blues

1655- dispatched for a male "going crazy"- arrived with the police and found a very, very distraught man in his thirties, resplendent in green flannel and droopy denim, crying about the fate of the nation.
I am precepting a new medic so I had the luxury of standing back and letting the good times just roll on over me...

"Whats goin' on dude?"
"Oh man, oh man, oh man- this is so messed up my man. That Obama's gonna take my guns away from me, oh man"
"He said he wouldn't didn't he?"
"Ahh shit man, he's gonna take my guns!!!!!" (tears now and crying type noises)
"You called for this? Come on, this? Are you serious? Look you idiot, I'd not only take your goddamn guns, I'd have you sterilized. What hospital would you like to go to this evening sir?"

Needless to say my paramedic preceptee received exceptionally high marks today...

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