Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breakfast at Dennys- a True EMS Hazard

Sunday mornings we usually get as many crews together as possible and go get breakfast. Impossible on a large scale during the week due to the call volume, but on the week-end we can round up two, three, four crews and grab a quick morning meal before the drunks and freaks stagger out of bed and dial 911.
We ordinarily eat at a family owned diner that has great food, great service and is centrally located. Today, today some jackass suggested Denny's... and so we went.

I got what is my normal everyday breakfast order- coffee, orange juice, and a veggie omelet. I guess alarms should have gone off when I heard the fat, greasy she-male cook ask our waitress "Why all them cops in here?". The waitress had that crazy confused look of someone who imagines government plots that end with her boyfriends El Camino being seized by the DEA.

Long story short my friends- I am now shitting and puking like a mad shitter (and puker)- I can't ever remember getting this sick from food. Ever, not anywhere in the world.

... images-, The Poison Denny's

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