Saturday, December 20, 2008

EMS Worker Profile

Let's see if we can't put together a real quick profile of a typical EMS worker. For the purposes of this exercise I don't think it really matters if you are an EMT or a Paramedic- ready, let's begin...
You're a caring, compassionate person- at least on some level. You're an independent worker, a problem solver, a conflict resolver. You're able to complete your mission without supervision or outside help utilizing everything from hand tools to no tools to the resources of an entire city.
You have a strong sense of duty, a sense of obligation to your community and mankind in general...

So, what does that make you in the eyes of the folks you "work for"?
Let Pedro the Paramedic tell you- it makes you the most easily exploited workforce in the nation.

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Paramedic Training said...

Good description of EMS Profile!