Friday, December 26, 2008

Going Full Cycle

1403- Dispatched for an unresponsive male- found a 45 year old in cardiac arrest jammed between the toilet and the wall in a first floor bathroom. Ironically the patient had been complaining of heartburn for the past two days and the dining room table was covered with Alke- Seltzer, Tums, Maalox and OTC Pepcid. Our guy had just returned from the pharmacy with the stuff. (Just a refusal for D.C. EMS?)
We got pulses back, and the patient was fighting the tube on the way to the ER- my partner Amy told me after; "We should feel pretty damn good about ourselves, we saved someones life. How often does that happen?" "The magic of Christmas Amy, it's the magic of Christmas"
... And we did feel good- until we got back to the station. The management was well into another manufactured crisis- there was some PR material missing from storage. The thing is huge- it would have taken two people with a truck to move it- I don't think it could have been removed without someone seeing it go. But no matter, one of the many chiefs staggered around the base, shaking her fat head and yelling "I can't believe you people did this!" to the field staff.
I grabbed Amy and pulled her outside- "Welcome back to the real world"
"Yeah, we're assholes again"

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