Saturday, December 6, 2008


We responded to four shootings in our district today- the police feel like there will be more, something is up in gang world that must be set into balance. The shooters are getting a lot better around here- they still leave the scene littered with brass, and cars and homes riddled with holes, but we only had one transport out of the four.
The first of the calls was a little scary- we were dispatched for a "female in distress". When we went to turn onto the street I saw the police, lots of them, going up and down the block with assualt rifles. Turns out the shooter was down the end of the block basting away as we pulled in- two thumbs up to our pals in EMS Dispatch! Oh, the lady in distress? She was behind the yellow tape crying and wailing- with a gang in hoodies and colors across the street. We bailed- call me when things calm down, I've got a family.
Update- the shooter got away- into the ether... in the midst of maybe 20 coppers with rifles and two or three K9s.
... We just learned there have been a couple more shootings in two adjacent towns, so yeah, I guess something is up.
Yo night shift... keep your heads down...

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