Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just A 'Couple Shootings...

0218- Dispatched for a shooting, way out of our sector but there was no one closer. Victim was found slumped over the wheel of his decked out SUV- there was brass everywhere, this dude was disliked in a big, big way. At some point in the proceedings the SUV had rolled down the street, side swiped a few parked cars and come to rest against the only tree on the whole block. To put it in X-Box gamer lingo, this was a "melon popper"- we made the pronouncement and called clear.
0443- Dispatched with the police for a male with multiple gunshot wounds who was laying on someones front porch screaming for help. This guy was lucky- they must have sent the apprentice gangsta hitmen after him- one in the left arm, two in the left thigh and one in the ass. Patient says he can't imagine why anyone would want to do this to him. Off to the ER we go.
The local authorities for their part have apparently grown weary of this whole gang violence thing- the drugs, the crime, the shootings night after night- they have moved on en mass to an area wide crack down on Craigslist prostitutes.
So rest assured fellow paramedics, as you pull your vest on for another shift- won't be no Craigslist Hoes out there shooting up the streets.
By the way- does anyone remember the good old days- you know, before paramedics had to wear body armor?

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