Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Busy Day In EMS- ville...

... or Why The System Abusers Are Winning The War...
We had an incredibly busy day- all of us, non stop all shift- well, everyone but the dinosaurs- they bugged out at 1558 per the norm.
Ten calls in eight hours, the last two hours through gridlocked urban traffic- our other crews were as or more busy.
Ten genuine medical/ trauma emergencies in eight hours- oh that is funny- you know better.
Let's break it down:

One real EMS emergency- Chest pain with EKG irregularities
Two time wasters with the Fire Department
Five EMS Bread n' Butta's- you know- can't pee, can't poop, can't stop peeing, can't stop pooping
One thumb laceration
One desperate call for help from a gentleman with "dry lips"

My partner says- "it's like the whole world is laughing at us"

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