Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today the Ambulance Did Not Come...

... The service area was going crazy this morning- we ran out of ALS trucks and I got called in for eight of OT. Ordinarily I would turn down a shift like this but today, well, today I didn't...
So our crack EMS management staff, now gifted with an extra all-ALS truck to send into battle, decides to send us out of the area on a BLS transport. Ok, if that's what you want- hell, that's super easy duty.
We had just loaded our patient, her husband, 500 pounds of personal belongings packed in white plastic bags and a potted plant in the ambulance when our tones went off- "58 year old male down, possible cardiac arrest"
Our stupid-visor, the same genius that sent us out of the area jumped on the radio and assigned the call to us.
"Unable sir, we have a patient onboard."
"What, what patient?"
"We're out of the area on that BLS transport you assigned us"
"Do a quick turn-a-round"
Notice that no one has been sent to the man down...
"We will be about 90 minutes or more"
Silence from the stupid-visor- please refer to the EMS manager training video...
My partner could finally take it no longer and asked Dispatch to send Mutual Aid.
Our fearless EMS Supervisor did not respond to the call, it took the Mutual Aid Service 12 minutes to get on scene.
Thankfully this was not an arrest but a syncopal episode.

While we were out of the area our service was unable to send an ambulance to-
  • A car crash with injuries
  • A nine month old who fell down several concrete steps
  • A female with abdominal pain
All resulted in transports by Mutual Aid- my partner and I could definitely have handled two of those, maybe all three.
But we got our transport in and made the Service $175...
... hope it was worth it...

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