Friday, February 27, 2009

Pedro the Paramedic Presents- Rules of the Road

This is the first in the series- and it's not just for EMS personnel- it's for everyone.

The other day we responded for a two car crash that occurred in an intersection controlled by a traffic signal- you may have seen them- they are those red, yellow, green things that hang down over the intersection...
Our patients vehicle had been T-boned in the drivers door- she definitely had the green, but after talking with her it became apparent that she was also aware that there was still traffic flying through the intersection from the left.

So, our rule of the road today is in a few parts but still pretty simple...
  1. Look before you enter any intersection
  2. Yes, even if you have the greenie
  3. Do not enter the intersection, irregardless of the color of the traffic signal, if entering will cause your vehicle to be hit by another

Contrary to popular belief, following these simple rules will not cause your genitals to fall off- nope, they'll be just fine- and so will you... and you won't have to deal with Pedro the Paramedic and his little EMS friends...

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