Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Random Dispatches...

... and the calls that came out of them...
I've somehow ended up with a couple scheduled days off- after doing the 16 on/ 8 off cycle and a 48 hour overtime shift- here is just a brief selection of the fun we had:
  • 4 year old girl who ate dirt from a flower pot- mom is hysterical. Eventually Command clears the little girl and we transport mom
  • Homeless man who claims "the devils coming at me with sheets of glass"
  • Mini van vs. Harley- my partner walked up and down the road picking up toes while I treated the patient
  • MVC with refusals- Driver "A" is pissed because he had to shut off ignition and put vehicle in park
  • 80 year old with bright red rash all over- overheard ER nurses saying- "I'm not touching her, we don't know what the hell that is"
  • Dispatched for a 20 year old who "collapsed"- true enough- after getting shot. Lived to fight another day- in fact he started with us en route to the trauma center
  • 16 year old with a fondness for Tylenol- downed 38 for an after school snack
  • A couple "I can't pee" calls
  • Teenager with a loose tooth
  • Cardiac arrest that went well for everyone but the patient
  • Mutual aid into community two towns away- big house fire- they didn't have an ambulance on duty this shift
  • And of course the normal collection of two week old symptoms that get called in right at shift change- how do people know?
Stay safe, Pedro the Paramedic loves you...


Carol said...

Love this website, and love this list! I can relate . . . God love you, Pedro, and all the medics in the world!

Carol said...

Oh, and dont forget these:

- Toe pain (at 3 in the morning)

- The repeat patient - every dispatcher and medic knows the address and phone number by heart. Patient lives 1 minute from hospital and their main concern is what's on the menu at the hospital for that particular day. (Not fond of bathing. . .)

- Elderly person whose medical alert button has been activated, resulting in an ALS crew racing to the scene, expecting to find Grandma in an unresponsive state. . . only to have her meet them at the door and sweetly ask, "Would you mind taking my trash out for me, dear?"

Pedro the Paramedic said...

Carol- Thank You- Several years ago we were summoned to a residence by a medical alert "button push"- we arrived to find a very angry elderly female waving the Yellow Pages at us... "Get me a God**** pizza- I'm hungry and Domino's won't deliver up here!"- Ahhh, the good old days...