Sunday, March 1, 2009

Your Sunday EMS Quote O' the Day

... "We don't really do it for them. We do it for us- look, people are going to get shot whether we're there or not. They're going to get hit by cars or run over by subways or whatever. You can't change that. And what the hell,we might as well be there to pick up the pieces. Someone has to be. This is a great job. Where else can you jump into the middle of mayhem and try to sort it out? In the middle of the most crazy, bizzare, violent, scary, disgusting situations, everyone looks to you to help them out- and then no matter what, at the end of the call, you can just walk away. Good, bad, right, wrong, whatever. You just walk away and get ready for another call."
Paul D. Shapiro 
NYC Paramedic 

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