Monday, April 27, 2009

Tracking the Swine Flu...

In the "just in case department"- EMS providers should be keeping an eye on the spread of the "Mexican Swine Flu"

Below are a couple of links to help you track the spread of the swine flu...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Re- Runs

I've been off for a few and not too terribly motivated, I saw this elsewhere and thought- yes of course; a few lines from the movie “Return of the Living Dead”:

Paramedic #1 : You have no pulse, your blood pressure’s zero-over-zero, you have no pupillary response, no reflexes and your temperature is 70 degrees.
Freddy : Well, what does that mean?
Paramedic #1 : Well, it’s a puzzle because, technically, you’re not alive. Except you’re conscious, so we don’t know what it means.
Freddy : Are you saying we’re dead?
Paramedic #2 : Well, let’s not jump to conclusions.
Freddy : Are you saying we’re dead?
Paramedic #2 : No conclusions.
Paramedic #1 : Obviously I didn’t mean you were really dead. Dead people don’t move around and talk.

Photo from: Felix42

Creative Commons

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is There a Pandemic In Your EMS Future?

There is a unique and deadly flu virus loose in Mexico- it's also been linked to eight cases in California and Texas. has an article posted- in it scientists are noted as saying the virus has mutated in ways that have not been seen before- and that my friends is one of the first ingredients needed for a pandemic.
EMS folks should keep an eye on this one- for a little background here's a link with info about the pandemic of 1918-

Friday, April 17, 2009

Your EMS Schedule

EMS schedules- Here's hoping yours is a good one that supports a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Mine, mine sucks. One of my Twitter pals asked about my EMS shift scheduling- I missed the "Tweet" and didn't answer, but I' ll give it a go now...

Basically, 'round here we work 8, 12 or 16 hour shifts- there is no rhyme or reason to this and on occasion you will find yourself working long runs of 12 on, 12 off or, worse 16 on, 8 off. I have worked as many as 18 straight days, taken a day off and gone back for 10 or 12 more days. Ouchie.

Sometimes through bad scheduling, "buddy" switches, poor planning or whatever, you will work a 24 hour shift or even 48 hours- this is officially frowned upon but permitted. We are that short handed- it's only temporary they tell us...

Quite often I will reach a point where I am so fatigued I will refuse to drive the ambulance- so, I can hear you asking- "Pedro, if you are too tired to drive safely, is it safe for you to be in the back with a patient?" The answer is of course- No it's not safe OR fair to the patient...

Photo license Creative Commons
Photo by Ben Dodson

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pedro's Law of EMS Karma

... it's really quite simple- in fact, you don't even have to be in EMS to utilize it.

... Balance off yer f*** ups by doing something absolutely amazing- and you will be free- and UNTOUCHABLE!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Pedro Report...

... considering an exciting career in EMS? Maybe you just want to know what goes on in another part of the world... well, here 'tis- The Pedro Report...
  • We have a number of Medic students in precepting- they all want blood and guts and hate the routine stuff. The amazing thing is that out of 20 or so students, only three are considering a career in EMS after class. The rest are just filling a spot in their resume...
  • Blood and guts? Sure, we've got you covered- lots of shootings, we are in that "you shoot one of mine, I'll shoot one of yours" cycle. Oh, and of course the pissed off drunks and cheated lovers keep right on blasting away.
  • It's memo season- the management must have read an article or been caught napping by some one on council... today I was required to read, sign and return a memo. The subject? A reminder to read all our memo's.
  • Two new Medics started at our station last week- fresh out of school and our departmental training. Neither one has ever been out on his own- so of course they were assigned to the same truck
  • With two new Paramedics on staff it was only natural that someone would quit. Management thinks it's about money- it's not, it's all about ones tolerance to B.S.
  • Our "mutual aid buddies" two towns over finally had to send their manager and supervisor out on a call- their volunteers ran a call also- it was a DOA that resulted in all the volunteers requesting a stress debriefing- and presumably swearing off EMS forever (and ever)
  • My partner and I were physically attacked by a patients husband who became irate at "all the goddamn questions. Just take her and let the hospital do the questions..." He picked a bad day to grab a paramedic- we had PD on scene and the officer was in no mood to play. Mommy to the ER, Daddy to lock-up. Oh well...
  • Don't forget to make a donation to the families of the Police Officers murdered in the recent incidents around the U.S.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The End of ER

... let us take a break from real life for...

The last night of the television show ER- 15 years of dinner theater actors yelling mindless prattle ends at last.
I've got the shovel- would one of you nice folks kindly kick the bloated, rotted corpse into the hole so we can cover it up... thanks.