Monday, May 4, 2009

Why the Big Three Aren't Selling Cars...

... or- how I tried to buy a 2009 American truck and failed...

Ok- I read the papers, I know the Big Three Car makers are in trouble. Being a conscientious American I thought I would help out by purchasing an "American" truck this time around.
I started my search on-line- it is after all the 21st Century. So, right off the bat I eliminated all Chrysler products- they make junk and I don't buy junk, GM- just didn't have what I wanted... so I settled on a Ford F-150 pick-up. I already knew how I wanted it so I clicked the box on Fords web site to get an "Online Quote"- that was my first mistake.
Why? Well, Ford doesn't give online quotes- nope- that's just a thinly veiled scam to collect your contact information.
I'll save us all some time here- I soon received about 15 e-mails from my local Ford dealer. The General Manager wrote, the Sales Manager wrote, a Salesman wrote... but no one sent an online quote.
Then the phone calls started- again, the General Manager, the Sales Manager, a Salesman and finally the Sales Manager again. Come on down so we can give you a quote they said...
Ahh, I've checked the inventory you've posted on YOUR web site- I'd like my quote on #123456 please...
I told them that one (or more) of us has mis-understood what an on-line quote is... it's, it's ONLINE right?
Now I'm pissed, but I went anyway. I met with Chuck at the Ford dealer.

Let me show you some trucks! Chuck was all happy and ready to go!
I know what I want Chuck- how much for this one?
Well, what are you trading in?
I'm not.
What...ahh, well, how much did you want your payment to be?
One dollar.
You must be putting down one hell of a down payment.
Nope, not puttin' anything down- how much for that truck- the one right there, 10 feet from us.
Well it's $*** per month.
What's the total Chuck?
Ahh, well, umm...

Hey- you get the idea- round and round we danced till I grew weary of the game and left... and went straight down to the Toyata dealer and bought a brandy- new Toyota Tundra.

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