Thursday, July 30, 2009

My EMS Shift Report For Today

Hey- here's a little glimpse into what a real life EMS shift is like. This is my true to life account of today's shift, which frankly was not among my faves.

0640- I'm running late- I like to get in early but ain't happening today. Turn on radio and monitor.
0700- right on time, through the door. Hey, my ex is on shift with us today. She never works out of this station. She see's me, shoots a dirty look and turns away. I walk past without saying hello- which causes... uhh, she mutters "This is bullshit" and runs outside crying. Wha?
0701- Wheee- off to a great start.
0702- The Mumbler's on duty as well- he's not talking either. I wrote him up yesterday for ducking calls and leaving us stuck for an hour and a half.
0705- Coffee, truck check, harass partner
0732- The calls start coming in- thank God!
1010- Deputy Chief Tubby McButterpants is in an EMS management pre-meltdown crisis. He needs a trip sheet I wrote on July 24th. Why? Well I also laid some paper on the Dispatch Center of one of the local ER's for failing to acknowledge our calls to them. DC McButterpants is an old school style EMS manager- he firmly believes if you ignore an EMS problem long enough it will go away. Hmmm- not this one Butterfat- he's been called in to review the tape in order to head off my formal complaint to the Department of Health.

The rest of the day brings more calls- most quite frankly BS- like the young woman who called 911 because the weed she smoked made her "think funny". No shit- that's why people smoke it.

1900- called to the local BK for a woman down. When we pulled up we saw a female, maybe 45 or 50, painted-on tan, dressed semi-nice, kinda stylish sitting on the sidewalk. We walked up and asked that ol' standard "Hey, what's going on today?" She pulled off her shoe and her sock and revealed...right there, on the big toe of her right foot- a bright red, brand new BLISTER... and I freaked out. I'm not usually the one who goes off, but today I just couldn't help it. " You called 911 for an ambulance because you have a blister on your toe? Are you serious?"
2000- Back at the station, going off duty- really wondering why I keep doing this...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Palins ALOC Clinical Demonstration

Sorry- my freaky work sked has kept me from my duties here. Equally freaky was the Sarah Palin resignation speech. Paramedic students, nursing students- hell anyone interested in seeing just what qualifies as altered level- watch and learn.
I guess Sarahs portion of this vid is more palpable if you're burnin' one... which I'm not, 'cause I don't- but you could...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EMS Management- Yet Another Lesson

We've spent the past couple weeks being bombarded with e-mails and phone calls from our EMS managers about some pretty trivial things- while the really important stuff is left un-attended to, or more typically for the EMS management/ Dinosaur contingent, left half done and forgotten...

Your EMS Management lesson for the day is fairly easy. I'd like for you to get a sense of the frustration level of the average EMS field provider- those nice Paramedics and EMT's you've come to count on day in, day out.

So here goes- and this is for 3 credits toward your EMS Management Degree-

...Image you are on a sinking ship at sea... and the Captain asks you to mop the decks with the water that is rushing through a gaping hole in the hull...

Yep, that's how it feels, that is just how it feels...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

United Airlines Breaks Guitars

This is the kind of cyber-consumerism that companies have been warned about and yet ignore- at their peril... this video has already hit the national news, and been viewed non stop on You Tube- I won't fly United Airlines anymore. They should have just given the guy a new guitar- or, or hey- taken care of the one he entrusted them with...
Heads up- United Airlines Breaks Guitars...