Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Would Like to Know Why...

... no one will pull over when you're running lights and sirens, but they'll dive right off the road when you come up behind on a Sunday morning breakfast run?

... you get a head wind on both the in and out bound legs of a bike ride?

... the Paramedic patch has become more important than the Paramedic?

... some people become less competent the longer they do something?

... folks out there can't be still, for a moment, just to think- even though their movements are without purpose?

... why some healthcare providers believe the EMS crews time has no value? Perhaps they learn that from our EMS managers.

... why the drug seekers keep getting their fixes in the ER's?

... the good Medics leave and the bad Medics stay?

... EMS providers everywhere, at all levels, allow themselves to be so obviously and blatantly exploited?

... equipment only malfunctions when you really, really need it not to?

... you end up with the worst partners on the worst calls?

... and why does that fat guy in the third floor walk up decide to call 911 for the knee that's been sore the past month right before shift change? How does he know when we change shifts?

... other Medics calls seem more exciting than your own?

... EMS management plays a real life, perverse form of Trivial Pursuit? Oh, I realize it's all in the details- but the important details, not the trivial, not the trivial...

... our really sick patients are understanding and apologetic (some), while the system abusers are rude and demanding?

... junkies think we really believe their stories? ("Sir, I'm telling the truth sir. Really, my grandmother gave me that pill bottle when I lost mine sir. She must have left some of her Oxycontin in there sir when she lent me that pill bottle sir.")

... I'd really like to know why some EMSers go 100 mph to a call, and then stand around with their thumb up their ass on scene. Tell me, why?

... I read a post on an EMS forum a while back written by an EMS manager whose service regularly advertises for Medics in JEMS. He noted his agency has great wages, benefits and working conditions and stated that he was unable to hire or keep Paramedics- well, why? Why?

... and at the heart of the above issue- why doesn't this guy know why? All in the details perhaps...

Stay safe, don't take crazy chances- after all you're just a patch, plugged into a spot on a schedule.
Pedro loves you anyway...


The Happy Medic said...

and we love you right back. Great list, I have no answers...yet.

The Fire Critic said...

All great questions. I wish I had some of the answers as well!

I guess if we did, we would have the recipe for one hell of an EMS Department.