Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teaching Paramedics to Fish...

... or something, anything...

My pal Hank is an EMT instructor who would like to change the world of EMS- shake it loose from the teeth of the Dinosaurs. Today he called to tell me he had signed up for Paramedic class- he doesn't necessarily want to run on the trucks, he wants to educate a new generation of Medics who will go forth and forever change EMS.

Ok Hank. You asked what I thought, so here goes:
  • You don't want to run calls, but you want to change EMS? Hank, that right there is Dinosaur talk
  • I hate to be the voice of negativity but- buddy, you and a 1000 of your Medic converts will not be able to steal EMS away from the Dinosaurs. You can not undo what they have done. You will not gain control of their fiefdoms
  • You need to re-focus your efforts...
Why don't you go to school to be a woodworking instructor? At least then you could teach people a skill they could use to make a living.

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