Wednesday, September 2, 2009

That Swine Flu Thing Isn't So Bad After All...

Just got an official e-mail update concerning the Swine Flu "outbreak":

As a reminder and in preparation of the upcoming flu season, The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services has posted the Statewide BLS Protocol SUSPECTED H1N1 INFLUENZA A # 931 on our website at www.************.us/ems under the PROTOCOL section.

Please follow proper PPE precautions and follow good handwashing techniques.

First- just let me say how relieved I am to learn the H1N1 is now officially a BLS epidemic... and second, after 12 months of build up it's time to either flu up or shut up and move on to another crisis.

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Mystery Medic said...

Well I know what state your in now since I just got the same email. I personally like procedure part C section 1 regarding pt assessment performed 6 feet away. I'm gonna need a stethoscope on a pole now.