Saturday, October 3, 2009

PALS Recert

... catchy title eh?

I'm doing my PALS recert tomorrow morning at my Command Hospital. Why? Well, 'cause I'm kinda cheap and it's free there...

I've posted this before- if you take any of the alphabet recerts at an EMS agency you are in and out of class in two hours- or less.

Take the same class in the hospital and it's an eight hour ordeal. I especially love the "practicals"- the looks some of the hospital staff give the intubation equipment is amazing.

That said- I love taking ACLS at the hospital- the boys and girls from the ICU's and CCU's are just dead serious and that is just the way it should be...

But, PALS- people either will not take it seriously or they try to turn the class into some kind of "My Bobby does this thing where..." Hey- some of have to go to work...

So, here is my proposed change to the PALS curriculum for my Command Hospital only- you make your own changes at your Hospital. Now, before you start the but, but, buts- MY Command Hospital has actually had staff meet us at the door and refused to accept critical pediatric patients (Right Vince?)

My new PALS class would go something like this:

"Hello and welcome. I hope you all enjoyed the free coffee. Ok, we all know we're not a pediatric facility, we won't willingly accept pediatric patients and none of you want to be here- so guys and girls... here's the book, here's your card and, uh- see you in two years. Have a nice day!

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