Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pedro on System Abusers

The bottom line is- sometimes the EMS system abuser gets you, and sometimes, rarely- you get the system abuser.

Later in your EMS management course of study we will delve further into the world of the system abuser but for now let's just say this- EMS or 911 system abusers come in all shapes and sizes of motivations. Some need attention, some view EMS as part of a city wide rapid transit network, they're drug seekers, on and on and on...

Sometimes, the abusers come from inside the system. Hmmm...

So it's a busy Wednesday in the City, when you are dispatched via the County wide 911 emergency system:

"Medic XX go to St Xxxxxxxx Hospital, 6th floor nursing station for a possible non emergency transport, unknown problem."

Very odd, our 911 system is for emergencies- what the hell is going on? Quick check with the District Chief brings this directive, " Go up there and find out what's going on and then get back in service"

Well, we all know what's going on- the girls on the sixth floor got tired of waiting for a scheduled transport and called it in to 911. That's about to blow right the f*** up on them. Sorry ladies...

"Dispatch show us enroute. We're coming from a distance so start the St Xxxxxxxxx Response Truck up there... uh, until we know what's going on, start the police up there as well."

It took my partner and I a good 10 minutes to make our way through traffic and get up to the sixth floor, where we were greeted by an extremely pissed Hospital Response Medic and a bemused but irritated police officer...

... and an RN who held out a large brown envelope and said, "She's in 602, she's going to XXX Nursing Home"

"Well ma'am we've got a problem. You see, when you activated the 911 system you caused ME to be dispatched on a medical emergency... and I can only take an emergency patient to an Emergency Room. So, what emergency room is the emergency patient in 602 going to?"

"Guys, I'm sorry you had to come up here- but I just couldn't take a chance on some unknown problem what with us responding from cross town to the emergency these folks called in."

"Anyway ma'am, I really need to know right now what's going on and what emergency room we are going to. This is an emergency isn't it? I mean, if it's not-we're out of here and you can explain to the officer and your hospital Medic why they're here and, uh, you know, why we're all here."

Long story, short ending- we returned to service with no patient contact.

I can only assume there was no emergency.

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