Monday, September 27, 2010

EMS, Overtime and the Hey, Thanks Guys

Wow, sorry- I've been away from the blog-o-sphere for a while... too much overtime I guess. Thought you might enjoy checking the ol' Inbox with me..

Below is an e-mail from the chief of a large urban EMS service to the troops on the street. Thanks for working the endless, mind numbing OT- help is on the way. Or is it?

Well, as the e-mail notes eight shiny new Paramedics will be sent out to fight the good fight... left unsaid is the fact that:

a) City EMS started out 32 guys and gals short

b) Three of the eight quit already

c) Two full time Medics were dismissed, for various infractions, since the e-mail was sent

d) Five old timers quit, retired and otherwise moved onward and upward

Enough already- the e-mails below for your EMS reading enjoyment.

From: xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx
Sent: Sun x/18/2010 9:36 AM
Cc: xxxx,xxxxxx

I realize there has been - and will likely continue to be - considerable shift overtime. Although 8 new Paramedics will be joining our ranks in the weeks to come, it is unlikely they will be able to impact the OT for a while. However, we will do our best to get them into the field as soon as we can. In the meantime, the position of PARAMEDIC has been posted so we can expand our pool of qualified applicants and continue to fill vacancies. Therefore, if you know of any friends, colleagues or students who are Paramedics and are interested in joining xEMS, please share the attached posting with them.

In the meantime, please know how much I appreciate the extra effort being put forth by everybody. Hang in there / keep up the great work.relief is on the way.

Thank you!


xxxxx,xxxxxx Chief

xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx

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