Friday, November 26, 2010

Pedro the Paramedic On the Economy

I can hear you now- "You're a Paramedic, what the hell do you know about the economy?". Fair enough- you're right- I haven't been to Harvard Business School, and I don't really have any other credentials I can wave at you. But... I have a keen nose for bullshit and, like everyone, I have an opinion.

When the "Suits" get on the TV and tell you the economy is getting better, look 'em in the eye and call it out; "BULLSHIT!".

What the Man is telling you is that the Money Changers managed to get all their money back- at your expense. Want to know how the economy is affecting the guy on the street? Look at foreclosures, bankruptcies and the unemployment rate... Check your regions median income... Check your towns business district for shut down, boarded up businesses. There's more plywood in the section of town I work in then a lumber yard.

So the bottom line is- it's not better, it's worse and will likely stay worse for quite a while.

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