Sunday, November 14, 2010

RE: Response Times

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Having sat through yet another ambulance thrill ride I thought I would pass along this fun little exercise in practical mathematics. Nothing too complicated.

Ok- our service area is divided up into districts, and yeah I know sometimes we respond way 'cross town through traffic, but we want to keep the math simple today remember?

Alright, my station is about 2 miles from any point in my district... from the station...

  • If you averaged 60 miles per hour enroute to the call it would take you two (2) minutes to get there...
  • In order to save just ONE MINUTE (1) you would have to average 120 miles per hour. Got that? Not a typo- 120 MPH to save ONE MINUTE.
Now it's seems to me that we might be able to save more time by taking a safe drive to the call and then maybe pulling our thumbs from our asses and doing some EMS work while on scene.

Thanks for your time.

(Smiley Face Hearts)
Pedro the Paramedic

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