Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EMS is Hopelessly Screwed Up- Here's Why...

Don't tell me it's not- you know damn well it is. The pre-hospital emergency medical services here in the good ol' USA are totally, irretrievably screwed up. You and all your little EMS pals will never ever put it back together again.

Now, here' why... short and sweet.

Most of the "good" people have moved on, they're gone, got fed up, tired of fighting the same battles day after day- never comin' back.

The lazy, incompetent, unremarkable leftovers who were (are) politically savvy and adept got themselves promoted into management- the circle of un- excellence continues. Round and round like a toilet full of shit that won't flush.

The rest of the lazy, incompetent, unremarkable leftovers? Hey- they are your partners. You know them... the patient abusers, the jackasses who won't keep up with technology, with new meds, new ideas. They're the assholes with their feet up, watchin' Charmed and Wife Swap while you check your truck, work with some new equpment, or do on-line Con-Ed.

Think it's gonna get better? Well, you want it to- you really care... but somewhere deep inside you know it's all down hill from here.

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