Sunday, May 1, 2011

The City is Always Right...

I worked with the new guy yesterday. This is the Medic the City spent the entire winter recruiting. We have lots of openings and the intent was to fill them all with a big recruitment drive. We got one guy. Just one Medic.

With such a glaring staff shortage and such an obvious shortage of replacement Medics out in the world you'd think the City would put a little effort into retention. Hmmm...

The New Guy told me that he has been given verbal and then written warnings on five of the past six days by the same Chief for not wearing his badge and nameplate. So wear your stuff I said, just wear it. Can't says The New Guy- I was never issued a badge or nameplate. So we waited after our shift to talk to the Chief and obtain New Guys uniform jewelery. The meeting went like this...

"Hey Chief, you've been writing The New Guy up for being out of uniform for not wearing a badge or nameplate..."

Yup- he's gotta wear that stuff. Like you said- part of the uniform.

"But he's never been issued either of them"

That's right, we're out of them.

So- do you see the problem here?

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