Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Transport of the Non-Critically Ill EMS Patient

... a quick guide on the care and transport of the typical, less than critical EMS patient- a guide for EMS in these troubled, modern times...

Sure, my partner and I did have a "real" call last night. That would be the dude who fell off the roof at 0230 and pulled a big chunk o' concrete down on top of himself in the process. Oh, and his room-mate stole his narcs while he was laying on the sidewalk and then OD'd- enter ambulance #2.

But most EMS calls are to be honest, not stuff 911 should be called for. You've either had these patients or perhaps been one- the sore toes, thumbs, wieners, knees, elbows. The guy with the itchy ball, the chick whose PCP ordered a pregnancy test last week... the list goes on and on and on.

What is an over burdened EMS service to do?

Why not send these sub-acute patients to the ER via UPS? Yes, the folks in the uber dependable brown trucks. For one thing it would free up an ALS ambulance for real emergencies, and your patients get their very own tracking number so they'll never, ever get lost. Ever.

Plus if you were to send 'em signature required on delivery, they would be seen, triaged and seated as soon as they set foot in the building.

Win, win and win.

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