Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Different Dispatches For Different Folks

In this episode we briefly explore the workings of the urban 911 center- and how information differs from call taker to police desk to EMS dispatch...

I would never have been made aware of this EMS dispatch anomaly except for the fact that my partner loves to scan every damn frequency in his radio. This particular call had my medic unit being sent to a residence along with the police- there ended up being some rather important information being omitted from the EMS dispatch.

From the police channel-
  • "(car #) and (car #) go to 123 ELM Street. Family members there say there's a 78 year old male who's ill and is refusing to get help. They're saying he's out of control and locked in his bedroom. The man has an assault rifle and a semi auto pistol with him."
Now here's the dispatch we got over the EMS channel-
  • "Medic xx, E-1, you're going to 123 ELM Street for a 78 year old male who's been weak and short of breath for several days."
Well, they just may have forgotten something no?

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