Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Staff Meeting

The Staff Meeting- a brief glimpse into a real life big city EMS staff meeting- and you've got a front row seat.

We had a staff meeting at our station recently. If you're in EMS I'm sure you've sat through one of these things. Typically they go like this- "Uh, thanks guys, uh don't knock any more mirrors off the trucks, special detail, "he said, she said", don't forget to..., goodnight". That's about it right?

During this meeting we briefly discussed some disaster preparedness issues. Actually the discussion revealed our lack of preparedness and leadership.

At one point District Chief McButters was asked what sort of back-up communications plan we had in the event the UHF repeaters were knocked out. McButters said two things I found highly disturbing:
  1. " Uh, uh, uh."- allright, let's make it three things
  2. " Well, there are so many of them we should be OK"
  3. " You guys all say you're going home if something happens anyway (laughs)"
So- here's my analysis...

In regard to #1- this fat piece of shit is only worried how long he'll be off Facebook if there's a disaster. Hey- the man's got a farm to look after.

In regard to #2- what the man is saying is, there is either no plan or he doesn't know what it is. I can tell you that we have already had the EMS repeaters go down, the COMM center go down and in fact the whole 911 system go out. So if there's a plan let's hear it.

Finally, regarding #3- Sad-very, very sad. This man has generated so little respect that every Medic in the station has told him they will go home rather than have him "lead" them into harms way. What leaves me shaking my head is the fact that this lazy, inept ass thinks it's funny. It's not funny man- it is a major failure in leadership. I really can't think of anyone less suited to their role than this guy.

There you have it- my EMS staff meeting review. Will the last one out of EMS please turn off the lights and sirens.

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