Thursday, July 7, 2011

...And Here's Why EMSers Get Fat...

A brief exploration of health and nutrition issues relevant to Emergency Medical personnel.

I found this nutritional time bomb in the Medic/ EMS Room of a local hospital. Please note the upper right corner of the label- the maker of this blob of goo wants you to believe this thing is a good source of protein... don't believe that do you?

Here's the back label- you could have had three apples or a couple graham crackers and some juice, or three eggs, or two eggs, toast and coffee, or three bananas, or an orange, an apple, a banana and water...or a bowl of cereal- I hate lectures so I'll stop. I think I've made my point.

Here's the bottom line- if you let the EMS room overlords feed you this crap you will turn into a waddling tub of goo in short order. "Cause you are what you eat. Sorry.

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