Sunday, July 3, 2011

Don't Make It Any Harder Than It Already Is

EMS is already a challenge- don't make it harder than it has to be by conjuring up demons from the nether world.

Does anyone know where paramedic students come up with the wacky scenarios they're always running past the EMS crews they precept with?

Here's an example, courtesy of Mark who precepted with us last night in the City:

"Ok, what if you had a patient with Ebola. What if they spontaneously combusted? Then what? What do we do then?"

C'mon- are you serious man? But hey, I am your preceptor and I did tell you "Never say never" so here goes-
  • Do we know for sure the patient has Ebola? If so we'll have to make some phone calls 'cause we got ourselves an incident.
  • Spontaneously combust? Don't think Ebola patients do that. BUT- if they do- hows 'bout we put the fire out. Now that was simple enough.
Happy now Mr. Medic Student? Hope so because that is the last goofy tangent you're going off on 'till graduation.

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