Friday, July 1, 2011

The National EMS Moratorium

Help is on the way for the underappriciated, underpaid, overworked EMS worker- Paramedic, EMT-B, First Responder join hands- your day has come.

You know, as I make my rounds of the City at night, providing aid and comfort to the sick and injured, I don't always feel as appreciated as I feel my work warrants.

Case in point- last night we were doing a "check the welfare" call. We had to stop and wait at the entrance to the apartment building while the property manager went for the keys. I heard a bystander say- "They don't mind waiting. Not for the money they're making." Say what? Get real folks.

So here's what I'm proposing- the week of Thanksgiving 2011 I suggest that every EMS worker in the country- no, the world- stay home. That's right- seven days world wide with no emergency medical services anywhere, for anyone, for any price.

Seven days world wide of no 911 taxi cab. Seven days of treating grandpa's CHF all by yourself. Seven days of cleaning Lil' Timmies boo-boos and tending to the babies seizures. Seven days of you, Mr. and Ms. Public, carrying fat Uncle Ralphie down five flights of stairs when he has chest pain in the middle of the night. Hell- seven days of getting your own drugs or fixing your own overdose. Good luck folks.

Sound good there Paramedic? Let's say the week of November 21st 2011. Seven days with no Paramedics, no EMT B's or I's, no First Responders.

Seven days. The week of Thanksgiving 2011. The National EMS Moratorium. Spread the word.

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