Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Made My Partner Cry

One of the disadvantages of working in a system with high turnover is continually losing good partners. Funny- the good one's leave and it seems like you're stuck with the losers fore-ever.
My steady partner Amy got bounced to another station a couple of years ago. We worked so well together- always knew where the other was going.Then I inherited Lil'Jimmy- we got off to a rough start- but Jim really turned out to be a great partner... until he left to deliver porta-potties.
Now I've been partnered on 3 of my 5 nights with Arlen. Arlen is one of those people who should not be associated with EMS in any way. Every minute that Arlen spends in an EMS uniform sets the rest of us back a year. Or more.
Arlen- among other things- is backwards, dull witted, timid, afraid to make decisions and slow to take action. Yeah- I know, it's my fault. Like hell- Arlen was born or molded into the useless lump he is long before he came onto my shift.
The typical EMS call with Arlen starts with him asking which way he should go, what he should do on scene, then sees him getting angry when you tell him. Arlen then begins to slam equipment and doors. After the call Arlen will continually ask "Are you mad at me? Am I a piece of shit partner? Is that what you're saying?"
Yes Arlen- that's what I'm saying. In fact, that's what I said last night. Some-one had to. Arlen's pretty upset- sure hope he doesn't quit, or transfer.
Every so often, in the wee hours of the morning, when I feel my faith in the Lord waning- I look over at Arlen and say to myself- "God- thank you for not making me a timid, useless, incompetent tub of goo like THAT ASSHOLE OVER THERE! Amen."